Exclusive access to hundreds of designer outlet stores with always free express delivery + returns
Start a Bouu outlet shop today
Join more than 150+ premium brands on Bouu and open your own online outlet channel. Through the Bouu Partnership Dashboard, you'll receive real-time updates on sales, stock, top styles and see the growth of your shop's fan base.
The world's only premium, digital outlet destination
Position your brand next to hundreds of premium and luxury brands that already trust Bouu to manage their outlet and overstock collections, while maintaining complete control over the presentation of your brand's image and equity on our platform.
All the benefits, zero the work
Through a flexible consignment model and globally-present infrastructure, Bouu enables your brand to profitable exit inventory while reaching new customers in 190 countries, all with the backing of Bouu's free express shipping, free returns and 24/7 service promise.
Scale up a new channel in t-minus 30 seconds
For brands and retailers with existing fulfillment networks, tap into Bouu's proprietary, plug-and-play API system to get inventory synchronized, establish pricing and margin rules and start selling in under 30 seconds.

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